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[Seminar] Interdisciplinary Discussions for the Sustainable Future Community
[Seminar] Interdisciplinary Discussions on the Direction of Education in the Age of Artificial Intelligence
2023-05 11
[Special Lecture] Self-understanding for a Happy Life
17:30 BAB 106 Prof. Lee, Duck-Joo, Emeritus Professor of KAIST
Prof. Hyomin Kim (Ext. 2018)
2023-04 27
[Colloquium] Glocalization in Korean Language Teaching and Learning
12:00 BAB 503 Dr. Sang-Seok Yoon, University of Iowa
Prof. Minkyu Sung (
2023-04 25
[Special Lecture] Women Scientists in the Era of Impact
15:30 BAB 206 Dr. Jung Sun Kim, Vice President of Dongseo University
Prof. Hyomin Kim (Ext. 2018)
2023-03 02
[Colloquium] Internationalization of Higher Education
14:30 BAB 503 Prof. Ying-ying Tan from Nanyang Technological University, Prof. Jeongyeon Kim and Prof. Jame Self from UNIST
Prof. Bradley Tatar ( 첨부파일