2024 University of Ulsan 국립문화원 ‘Summer TOPIK Special Lecture’

In the summer of 2024, the University of Ulsan will offer a ‘TOPIK Special Lecture’ targeting international students studying abroad.

They encourage the participation of lots of international students.
(97th TOPIK Test Date: July 14, Sunday)


  1. Target: Anyone interested in participating this program.
  2. Operating Period: July 2 – 11, 2024 (Location: 울산대학교 인문관 20-511)
  3. Application Period: June 1 – 21, 2024.
  4. Link:
  5. Instructors: 김자영(한국어학과 강사), 노경아(한국어학과 강사), 정용호(한국어학과 객원 교수)
  1. Class Schedule (July):

※ Attendance issues may result in restrictions for future participation in programs hosted by University of Ulsan 국어문화원


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